# Incentive Program

Incentive Program includes three parts, which are Validator incentive Program, ambassador program and research grant. The first program directs at validators while the second one targets at community members who are not running any nodes but are passionate to and capable of making contributions, in any form, to GEEK. The grant one is designed for developers who invent various tools for GEEK ecosystem. No matter what kind of a community member you are, there's always a incentive program to apply for. Check here for details:

# Validator Program

Validator Incentive Program and first batch nominated validators are rolled out! 50 validators were selected for the first batch with 500K GEEK nominated!

We selected the 20 validators because they contributed a lot in early days, even before these rules were announce. We favor those validators in the first round who:

  1. Actively participated in the testnet
  2. Are willing to speak up and answer others’ questions in the community
  3. Have experience in node operation
  4. Attracted many votes from a lot of nominators, even in the waiting list

So we released a detailed incentive program, and new contributors still can apply for being nominated and earning rewards in the next batch.

The timetable for next round of submission and assessment:

  • Submission period: 2021-05-15
  • Assessment period: 2021-10-15
  • Nomination and reward distribution: 2021-11-01

In order to be transparent, any interested validators can discuss the details in Discord (opens new window).

# Ambassador Program

GEEK has released the Global Ambassador Program, namely “GEEK Warriors Program”, to recruit ambassadors who share the same vision as GEEK and are willing to help the GEEK community grow. The program aims to bring together the best talents in the community to advance GEEK’s vision of a community-driven, decentralized ecosystem.

As an GEEK Warrior you will get

  1. Resource and financial support
  2. Expertise training
  3. Access to first-hand information
  4. Opportunity to be one of Core Team

Duties of GEEK Warriors

  1. Organize online and offline activities, such as Meetup, Workshop talks, AMAs, etc.
  2. Build and operate an online community in any language, such as English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, etc.
  3. Write articles related to topics such as GEEK, Staking derivatives, and DeFi.
  4. Actively join in the dialogues in GEEK communities and forums (WeChat, Telegram, Discord...).
  5. Keep a keen eye out for collaborative opportunities that will promote the GEEK ecosystem.
  6. Give advice or recommendations for the development of GEEK.
  7. Answer questions for other warriors in the global warrior group.
  8. Translate GEEK’s documents, tutorials into your native language and promote them locally.

We will assess your rewards by the proof of contributions that you submit. Rewards will be issued in the form of GEEK.

# Bug Bounty Program

# Criteria

  1. Critical: Abnormal function, ineffective function, or security breach, etc.
  2. Moderate: Defects that do not affect the function, non-security issues, such as the room for optimization, performance improvement, etc.
  3. Low: Unimportant issues, some minor issues that can be modified during updates, such as modifying text or notes.

Outside the scope of the bounty program

  1. Repeated reports on security issues, including security issues that have been confirmed by the GEEK team;
  2. Theoretical security issues without pragmatic application scenarios, or issues that require complex user-interactions.

# Rules

  1. It must be a newly discovered bug(s) that has/have not been reported before.
  2. The bug(s) found must be related to security issues in GEEK GitHub page code, but not other third-party code.
  3. Have not written any codes of GEEK around the bug(s), and have not participated in any process that generated the bug(s) of GEEK in other ways.
  4. Public disclosure will make you lose your bounty.
  5. The GEEK team reserves the right to make the final decision on eligibility for the event and all rewards.

# Bounty rules

The bounty will be issued in the form of GEEK, and the amount will depend on the severity of the bugs found.

In addition to severity, the bounty amount will be determined (but not limited to) by other factors including:

  1. The accuracy and details of the bug description.
  2. The quality of reproducibility, such as test code, scripts, and detailed instructions.

# Submission Method

When you find bug(s), please send a report to: [email protected] Please attach your name, email, company name (optional), description of the bug(s), your opinion on what is the potential impact of that bug on GEEK, and how you discovered that bug.


What should I do if I submit a bug but do not hear a reply?

Before publicly publishing the bug(s) you found, we need some time to review and confirm them, and will reply to you as soon as possible. If you haven’t received a reply two weeks after submission, you can send an email to us at: [email protected]

In what form is the bounty issued?

The bounty is issued in the form of GEEK. The bounty is usually issued three weeks after the submission is confirmed.

If you have more questions, please send an email to us: [email protected]